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The Secret of Microfiber
Microfiber cleaning materials are a blend of microscopic polyester and polyamide fibers which are spilt in such a way as to act as claws that scrape up and hold dust, dirt, and grime. They are 1/16 the thickness of a human hair and can hold six times their weight in water.  Also, the positively charged microfibers attract dust, which have a negative charge, and the tiny fibers are able to penetrate microscopic surface pores. These characteristics make microfiber an effective cleaning material.
The Advantages of Microfiber
Microfiber cleaning products are well suited for all types of facilities including healthcare, education, industrial, retail, commercial, and hospitality. By using Pro-Tek™ microfiber products may save significant time and money compared to traditional cleaning systems.
Increased Productivity
Microfiber mopping and cleaning systems streamline tasks and increases production rates. Microfiber mops are more maneuverable and lightweight allowing workers to lift less and maneuver lighter loads compared to traditional methods. As a result, they are more productive and less fatigued. Furthermore, there are reduced trips to the janitorial closet to replace cleaning solutions. There is a 20% reduction in labor savings that may be realized by switching to a microfiber cleaning system. Increased production rates also free staff up to accomplish other productive tasks.
Reduced Total Costs
In addition to increased worker productivity, microfiber cleaning systems have an extended product life up to 60% over traditional cleaning systems. The useful life of a microfiber mop is about 10 times as long as a loop mop. Microfibers design allows for greater absorption which leads to reduced water and chemical consumption. The result is reduced water and sewer costs for large facilities like hospitals and universities, and a reduction in chemical costs of up to 95%. Another important potential costs savings is reduced worker compensation claims and lost time due to injuries. Because microfiber is more ergonomic it reduces potential injuries. And because microfiber uses less water and chemicals it reduces exposure to slip and falls and contact with harsh chemicals.
Increased Effectiveness
Microfiber is inherently more effective than traditional cleaning systems because of its design. Microfibers are better able to reach into microscopic pores and reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria left behind. It also allows for dirt and dust to pick up rather than being pushed around like traditional cleaning systems. Microfiber is positively charged so that it attracts more dust and dirt, and holds it so that dust and dirt is not transported to other areas. This is a major concern for healthcare facilities that are searching for ways to reduce cross-contamination. The EPA estimates that microfiber mops can reduce bacteria up to 99% over traditional loop mops.

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